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pressure relief device hdr


  • Q: Do ITW Sexton cans have an interior lining?
    Answer: No, our cans are made of 100% tin plated, cold rolled steel without a lining.
  • Q: What basecoat and design options do you offer?
    Answer: Our cans are available in three diameters with a wide variety of heights and profiles for you to choose from. In addition, we offer an unlimited amount of basecoat options and lithography printing of up to 8 different colors.
  • Q: What does the PRD (Pressure Relief Device) do?
    Answer: ITW Sexton’s patented Pressure Relief Device allows contents to evacuate safely through the bottom of the aerosol can in the event of over pressurization or mishandling during use, storage, or transportation. In addition, our cans with pressure relief devices remain intact during over pressurization and reduce the likelihood of severe injury.
  • Q: Which can sizes carry Special Permit Exemptions?
    Answer: All ITW Sexton cans are available in either 2Q or Special Permit ratings.
  • Q: What Special Permits do you maintain?
    Answer: ITW Sexton maintains 9 special permits. Our engineering team is committed to meeting and exceeding the aerosol market regulatory needs by designing the strongest and safest cans on the market. For a complete list of all the Special Permits ITW Sexton holds, please click here.
  • Q: Are ITW Sexton products free of Conflict Minerals?
    Answer: Yes, all ITW Sexton aerosol cans, filters, and capacitor shells are 100% free of Conflict Minerals.
  • Q: Are ITW Sexton cans recyclable?
    Answer: Yes, our cans are 100% recyclable.