Innovative Technology.
Seamless Design.

ITW Sexton has emerged as a leading provider for the design & manufacture of metal containers for a variety of markets & applications. We are committed to supplying the highest quality products.


ITW Sexton pioneered the design and production of deep-drawn metal seamless containers. This leadership position enables us to offer you a wide range of standard and customized can designs for the most demanding applications. Our comprehensive understanding of U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT) requirements, including DOT 2P, DOT 2Q and DOT 39, as well as other national and international standards, gives our customers the best solutions for their packaging and container needs. In fact, Sexton is the leader in US DOT-approved can design. Our engineering team’s ability to create patented products, combined with a persistent focus on the structural integrity of our cans, have made us the preferred supplier of companies throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and Central and South America.

Aerosol Cans

With five styles and a variety of aerosol can sizes from which to choose, including 3-inch and 211x604 – superior alternatives to 38-45mm aluminum or any other material – Sexton makes it easy for companies providing automotive refrigerants and other high-pressure gases such as R-134a, R-22, R-40A and R-402C, as well as adhesives & sealants or related products, to stay competitive in a global economy.

Our materials selection, packaging choices, 2-piece pistons instead of 3-piece cylinders, variety of dome/step designs, Double-Radius Offset Coin (DROC) bottoms and 8-color printing have enabled us to establish ourselves as the number-one source for aerosol cans.

With optional DROC bottoms, contents evacuate safely through the bottom if the can is mishandled while being used, stored or transported.

By producing labels in-house, we guarantee quick delivery so you can keep your customers happy.

Filter & Capacitor Shells

The depth and breadth of our standard filter and capacitor shell selection gives you more choices than you’ll find anywhere else. We also set the industry standard for the ability to produce custom sizes – more than 350 variations -- and deliver them on a regular schedule, or just-in-time.

With a strong focus on continual improvement, we make even the most demanding changeovers routine and give you short runs under tight lead times while meeting the exacting specifications of industries ranging from automotive to appliance to electronics, and more.

The quality and integrity of the shells we produce in our Martinsburg, West Virginia facility is what sets our products apart from all others. While many of our competitors use aluminum, ITW Sexton uses high-quality steel materials to manufacture a wide variety of sizes.

By using deep drawn steel to make filter & capacitor shells and aerosol cans, we enable your products to have superior strength, durability, fire resistance and environmental friendliness. That’s because no material is wasted in the steelmaking process, and steel is a highly recyclable material that has many post-consumer applications.